Karen Willis Holmes Wedding Dresses The Wild Hearts Collection


Australian bridal designer Karen Willis Holmes brings us, once again, something to swoon over. The Wild Hearts Karen Willis Holmes wedding dresses have an edgy yet feminine allure. For the bride looking to wear a slightly casual wedding dress to a fun wedding celebration, this is certainly a collection to check out. Featuring charming crop-top 2-pieces and lacy gowns with sophisticated sleeves, Karen keeps it fresh and simple. See below for more inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Karen Willis Holmes

karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-1-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-2-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-3-09072015ky

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karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-4-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-5-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-6-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-7-09072015ky

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karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-8-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-9-09072015ky

Each of the Karen Willis Holmes wedding dresses offer a unique neckline and soft details. One of my favorite gowns from this modest collection is the lacy halter wedding dress (pictured above). You really don’t see a lot of halter wedding dresses around, making this baby a true gem. Mark my words–the halter style is coming back!

karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-10-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-11-09072015ky karen-willis-holmes-wedding-dresses-13-09072015ky

Karen used the same bodice for multiple train options (pictured above). This is quite a genius idea, giving you the chance to make a few wardrobe changes throughout the wedding day.


We can’t wait to see what more comes from the Karen Willis Holmes wedding dresses collection in the future. Her style is surely a progressive one, and she pays close attention to the trends, remaining on the up side of style.