Nurit Hen White Heart Bridal Collection


The White Heart 2016 Collection is nothing short of stunning. With glamour present throughout the entire collection, Nurit Hen crafted these wedding dresses with incredible style. This bridal collection contains so many different styles that can easily fit any bride’s taste. From mermaid dresses to jumpsuits, Nurit Hen encompassed all things beautiful in this gorgeous bridal collection. Check the collection out below and see if your dream wedding dress is in the White Heart 2016 Collection.

Photos: Courtesy of Nurit Hen

nurit-hen-1-092215ch nurit-hen-2-092215chFringe is such a stylish accent and we love the way Nurit Hen incorporated this trend into this collection. This is the perfect look for a retro glam bride. nurit-hen-3-092215ch nurit-hen-4-092215chA plunging neckline is something Nurit Hen has mastered and we absolutely love the way it flatters the dress below. This elegant style is so glamorous and has the potential to look amazing at any kind of wedding.nurit-hen-5-092215ch

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nurit-hen-6-092215ch nurit-hen-7-092215ch nurit-hen-8-092215ch nurit-hen-9-092215ch nurit-hen-10-092215chThis dress features an amazing ballgown skirt that is so extravagant. For the bride looking for a glamorous statement dress, this dress says it all! nurit-hen-11-092215ch nurit-hen-12-092215ch nurit-hen-13-092215ch nurit-hen-14-092215ch nurit-hen-15-092215ch nurit-hen-16-092215ch nurit-hen-17-092215chAnother amazing feature on many of these dresses is the backless design. This style is sexy and elegant, perfect for the daring bride.
nurit-hen-18-092215ch nurit-hen-19-092215ch

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nurit-hen-20-092215ch nurit-hen-21-092215ch nurit-hen-22-092215ch nurit-hen-23-092215ch

All of the wedding dresses in this collection are stunning and the details are simply breathtaking! We hope this collection has inspired you to find the perfect wedding dress for your special day.{"url":"","count":6})