Paloma Blanca Wedding Dresses 2015 Collection Part 1


These Paloma Blanca wedding dresses are flawless! This stunning first part of the collection is one of the hottest we’ve seen in 2015. The classic details and sexy open back designs from this Canadian designer are perfect if you’re looking for traditional wedding dress inspiration that’s still modernly chic. The prestigious Paloma Blanca has created perfection with these flattering and inspiring designs that are truly easy to love. Don’t be too disappointed when you reach the end of these Paloma Blanca wedding dresses because part two comes tomorrow!

Photos: Courtesy of Paloma Blanca

paloma-blanca-1-09272015-km paloma-blanca-2-09272015-km paloma-blanca-3-09272015-km paloma-blanca-4-09272015-km

This Paloma Blanca gown is one of my favorites! It’s so simple and elegant, yet it hugs your curves in just the right places for a flattering wedding day look. The hand-beaded detailing complements the straps and the sexy open back design perfectly.

paloma-blanca-6-09272015-kmpaloma-blanca-5-09272015-km paloma-blanca-7-09272015-km paloma-blanca-9-09272015-km

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paloma-blanca-10-09272015-km paloma-blanca-11-09272015-km paloma-blanca-12-09272015-km

paloma-blanca-15-09272015-km paloma-blanca-16-09272015-km paloma-blanca-17-09272015-km paloma-blanca-18-09272015-km

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paloma-blanca-19-09272015-km paloma-blanca-20-09272015-km paloma-blanca-21-09272015-km paloma-blanca-22-09272015-km

Having a bow tied on the back of the dress adds that adorable factor that any feminine bride would want! This Paloma Blanca gown is designed to look sensual with its revealing details, but the simple front and tied sash in the back creates such a youthfully divine look.

paloma-blanca-23-09272015-km paloma-blanca-24-09272015-km paloma-blanca-25-09272015-km paloma-blanca-26-09272015-km paloma-blanca-29-09272015-kmpaloma-blanca-27-09272015-km

These breathtaking gowns are sure to light up any room! The innovative designs, including the gorgeous lace and beading, are just so beautiful. Stay tuned for part two of these romantic 2015 Paloma Blanca wedding dresses.{"url":"","count":9})