Paloma Blanca Wedding Dresses 2015 Collection Part 2


Dare to dream with part two of this 2015 Paloma Blanca wedding dress collection! These are such sweet and delicate styles with more open back action and lace details to love! With perfectly glamorous silhouettes, sleek designs and stunning details this collection is easily one of our favorites. If you’re struggling to find that perfect dress for your big day, we have a feeling your dream dress is in this luxurious mix somewhere! Look through these couture Paloma Blanca gowns to get inspired for your big day!

Photos: Courtesy of Paloma Blanca

paloma-blanca-1-09282015-km paloma-blanca-2-09282015-km paloma-blanca-3-09282015-km paloma-blanca-4-09282015-km

This Paloma Blanca gown is hot, hot, hot! The plunging neckline gives off a sexy chic vibe that will be sure to turn heads and the gorgeously slimming fabric gives this wedding dress a stamp of pure beauty!

paloma-blanca-5-09282015-km paloma-blanca-6-09282015-km paloma-blanca-7-09282015-km paloma-blanca-8-09282015-km paloma-blanca-9-09282015-km

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paloma-blanca-10-09282015-km paloma-blanca-11-09282015-km

One of our favorite features in this elegant bridal collection is the recurring theme of low, open backs. There is nothing like an open back that makes your guests say “Wow”.

paloma-blanca-12-09282015-km paloma-blanca-13-09282015-km paloma-blanca-14-09282015-km paloma-blanca-15-09282015-km paloma-blanca-16-09282015-kmpaloma-blanca-17-09282015-km

Sexy elegance is at its finest in this Paloma Blanca dress! We’re blown away by the uniquely designed back of this gown and the intricately beaded illusion of a sash. The bow literally ties it all together by bringing a flirty element to this sexy wedding dress. I’m loving the sensual sophistication!

paloma-blanca-18-09282015-km paloma-blanca-19-09282015-km paloma-blanca-20-09282015-km paloma-blanca-21-09282015-km

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paloma-blanca-22-09282015-km paloma-blanca-23-09282015-km paloma-blanca-24-09282015-km paloma-blanca-25-09282015-km paloma-blanca-26-09282015-km

Once again, Paloma Blanca has blown our minds with the out-of-this-world 2015 collection! Just as flawless as part one, these wedding dresses are exquisitely glamorous. When it comes to bridal couture inspiration, there’s no doubt that this collection rises to the top. These designer gowns are just what we needed to make our day!{"url":"","count":13})