Perfect Destination Wedding Hairstyles

Struggling to find that perfect hairstyle for your destination wedding? Well we’ve made a collection of different types of wedding hairstyles that would look so perfect for any wedding at any destination! From whimsical updos to long curly locks with floral details, these destination wedding hairstyles make us think of the beach and all other fabulous places worldwide. Many of these hairstyles are soft and simple which is why we think they would be great to match the simplicity of a destination wedding on the beach. Sometimes you only need a simple look to match the beautiful backdrop of your destination wedding so check out these looks below to be inspired!

Braided Buns

A braided bun combines the simplicity of a cute updo and the whimsical tone of a braid. This look would be super cute for a destination wedding on the beach. You can accent a bun with a traditional braid or do something more unique like a fishtail.

Featured Photographer: Amy Nicole Photographydestination-wedding-hair-3-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Kayla Barker
destination-wedding-hair-5-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Kayla Barker

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Simple Curls

Another beautiful wedding hairstyle idea for a destination wedding is simple curls or waves. This simplistic look will look stunning as the wind blows through it, especially if you have a beach wedding.

destination-wedding-hair-7-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Kayla Barker destination-wedding-hair-8-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Ann Kathrin Kochdestination-wedding-hair-10-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Kayla Barker destination-wedding-hair-11-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Kayla Barker

Floral Details

Want the ultimate whimsical wedding hairstyle look for your big day? Then choose a hairstyle with a floral crown or just floral accents! You can choose from bright flowers to simply green foliage. Either way this look is bound to be gorgeous on your wedding day!

destination-wedding-hair-13-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Kayla Barker

destination-wedding-hair-16-0912015chFeatured Photographer: Kayla Barker

All of these destination wedding hairstyles are perfect for any bride, but now its up to you to find the perfect look for you and your dream destination! As your date draws near, remember to look back at this collection to get inspired.

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