Sophisticated Alena Goretskaya Wedding Dresses

The 2014-2015 collection of Alena Goretskaya wedding dresses is special indeed. Each design is geared toward the bride who values fine fabrics, sophistication, and flattering silhouettes. Each of the Alena Goretskaya wedding dresses are produced in small editions, giving the designer more freedom to express creativity without the demands of mass production. From this collection, brides can expect luxury style and a powerful set of romantic designs. See below for a full snapshot of this ensemble of elegant ivory designs.

Photos: Courtesy of Alena Goretskaya


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The Alena Goretskaya wedding dresses embody the genius method of using texture and shape to explore the feminine physique. This is notable, as we see over and over again how textured gowns photograph much better than those with less detailed design elements.


Short dresses are totally in, and this lovely high-low gown (pictured above) is truly the best of both worlds. The perfect second dress for a reception, this beauty allows freedom of movement (i.e., dancing) while maintaining a certain level of formality.

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The elegant collection of Alena Goretskaya wedding dresses captures the full scope of silhouettes–from form-fitting mermaid styles to gorgeous ball gowns. With even a small collection, Alena was able to pack so much punch, and successfully appeal to a plethora of senses.{"url":"","count":8})