Spring 2015 Krikor Jabotian Wedding Dresses


The Spring 2015 Krikor Jabotian Wedding Dresses are like nothing we’ve ever seen, and we’re simply amazed! Everything about “The Last Spring” collection is luxurious and glamorous, something that all brides want. The structure of each dress is impeccable and the unique details are endless. To make a dramatic and stunning statement on your wedding day, browse through this exquisite collection and consider walking down the aisle in one of these bold yet elegant wedding dresses.

Photos: Courtesy of Krikor Jabotian

krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-1-092115ch 3.23.13 PM

The ankle length style featured on this Krikor Jabotian dress is exceptionally unique and incredibly stunning. Choosing a different length dress for your wedding day is just one way to bring a modern hint to your celebration.

krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-2-092115ch 3.23.13 PM

A dramatic back like this one will have your wedding guests amazed and make for an incredible statement as you’re walking down the aisle. Krikor Jabotian has crafted such a wonderful look through this special detail in the back of this dress.

krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-3-092115ch 3.23.13 PM krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-4-092115ch 3.23.13 PM krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-5-092115ch 3.23.13 PM krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-6-092115ch 3.23.13 PM

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krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-7-092115ch 3.23.13 PM krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-8-092115ch 3.23.13 PM

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krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-9-092115ch 3.23.13 PM

The metallic appliques featured on this dress are crafted to perfection and will give your wedding day look a modern twist that won’t be forgotten!

krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-10-092115ch 3.23.13 PM krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-11-092115ch 3.23.13 PM krikor-jabotian-wedding-dress-12-092115ch 3.23.13 PM

These images and dresses speak for themselves and prove that Krikor Jabotian has crafted an incredible collection of unique wedding dresses. Any bride will make an unforgettable statement in one these extremely elegant dresses.