Stunning Couture Wedding Dresses from Allure Bridals


How strikingly beautiful are these couture wedding dresses from Allure Bridals? The amazingly long silhouettes and refined styles are made to flatter any bride! Lovely lace and intricately designed embroidery cover these couture wedding dresses in sophistication. It’s non stop gorgeous gown inspiration today and we’re ecstatic that we could share these perfectly ideal couture wedding dresses. This fine collection of gowns appears to be flawlessly classy and unique all at once. We’re totally in love and obsessed with the Allure Bridals 2015 collection sent from the bridal gods! Check out the stunning looks below.

Photos: Courtesy of Allure Bridals

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couture-wedding-dresses-6-09102015-km couture-wedding-dresses-7-09102015-km

couture-wedding-dresses-8-09102015-km couture-wedding-dresses-10-09102015-km

The most elegant couture wedding dresses always include subtle sexy details to appreciate. I’m obsessed with the sensual design of the back of this gown! This perfect open back shows enough to make jaws drop while the fabric hugs your body in just the right places. Then there’s the beautifully cascading bottom of the dress to finish!

couture-wedding-dresses-11-09102015-km 11.46.25 AM couture-wedding-dresses-12-09102015-km 11.46.25 AM couture-wedding-dresses-13-09102015-km 11.46.25 AM couture-wedding-dresses-14-09102015-km couture-wedding-dresses-15-09102015-km

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I hope you’ve been able to catch your breath while gazing at these captivating couture wedding dresses! These classic wedding styles, whether strapless or not, hold a delicate elegance that highlight pure feminine beauty like no other. There is no doubt that Allure Bridals has the perfect gowns to give you that elegant princess moment on your big day.{"url":"","count":14})