The Most Flattering Sheath Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re a bride looking to accentuate your curves or simply want a classic look on your wedding day, one of these sheath wedding dresses may be perfect for you! Sheath wedding dresses are traditionally most flattering on a bride with a straight figure because of the way the silhouette falls, but it can easily be a favorite amongst curvy brides who want to show off those curves. The best part about a sheath wedding dress is that it has classic elements that are perfect for the elegant and traditional bride! We’ve found some incredible sheath wedding dresses below and think they would look glamorous on all sorts of brides-to-be, so check out this collection below!

Photos: Courtesy of Pallas Couture, Tony Ward, Elbeth Gillis, Madison James, Stephanie Allin

sheath-wedding-dress-16-091215chFeatured Dress: Pallas Couture
sheath-wedding-dress-11-091215chFeatured Dress: Tony Ward

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sheath-wedding-dress-14-091215chFeatured Dress: Elbeth Gillis

sheath-wedding-dress-1-091115mcFeatured Dress Designer: Madison James

Stephanie Allin

We think these sheath wedding dresses from Stephanie Allin are simply stunning! From the sweetheart necklines to lacey details, not only are these dresses flattering but they are chic and stylish. If you’re looking for the perfect sheath dress, remember to check out these amazing designs from Stephanie Allin!

sheath-wedding-dress-9-091215chFeatured Dress:Stephanie Allin

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sheath-wedding-dress-8-091215chFeatured Dress:Stephanie Allinsheath-wedding-dress-10-091215chFeatured Dress: Stephanie Allin

Elbeth Gillis

Elbeth Gillis has designed many gorgeous sheath wedding dresses with classic elegance. These wedding dresses feature so much splendid detail from floral appliques to lace overlays. These classic sheath wedding dresses are perfect for the bride with vintage style.

sheath-wedding-dress-2-091215chFeatured Dress: Elbeth Gillissheath-wedding-dress-1-091215chFeatured Dress: Elbeth Gillissheath-wedding-dress-3-091215chFeatured Dress: Elbeth Gillissheath-wedding-dress-4-091215chFeatured Dress: Elbeth Gillis

With so many amazing sheath wedding dress options to choose from, we hope this amazing collection helps!{"url":"","count":642})