Top 10 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding


When you are planning your wedding, one of the first questions you must answer is “Where?”. A destination wedding is appealing for various obvious reasons but to help you decide if this is the right fit for you, we’ve compiled a convincing list of the top 10 reasons to have a destination wedding. Read on.

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1. You can get married anywhere! If you’re a world traveler or simply don’t want to get married in the same venue all your friends booked, this reason in itself may be the only one you need to have a destination wedding.

2. It’s a 3-for-1. Your wedding, vacation and honeymoon all in one place? Done. For the bride (and groom) who don’t want to deal with planning 3 separate events, you can cover it all with a destination wedding. Pretty sweet, huh?

3. Save money on decor. Yes, you’ll still want to spruce up the reception with some candles or flowers, but having a destination wedding with a naturally gorgeous backdrop (mountains, beach, palm trees…) means you won’t have to spend as much money on your wedding decor.

4. It’s cost-effective. Many destination wedding venues include a wedding planner in their package so this is where you can save a bit of money and lessen the stress levels. Choose an all-inclusive resort and spend a few thousand dollars on a week-long honeymoon package including flight, lodging, meals and drinks versus spending $25,000+ on a wedding back home. Again, it’s a 3-for-1.

5. Casual attire for you and your guests. Need I say more?

6. Intimate guest list. For those who never dreamed of a big wedding, a destination wedding may be the perfect way to have a more intimate wedding as the cost of attending will limit the number of guests who attend. But you still want all your nearest and dearest there to celebrate with you so keep the date, destination and ease of travel in mind when deciding on where and when.

7. Easily the best reunion of all time. When else will all of your family and best friends be together all the same time? Having a destination wedding means spending several days together so if you’re looking for quality time with your favorites, this may be one of the most important reasons for you.

8. Picturesque wedding. No matter where you look, where you stand or where you want to have your photo taken, every moment will be picturesque at a destination wedding. It’s time to whip out that selfie stick!

9. Flexibility. Whether you want to get married on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your guests will be there for the whole weekend so perhaps you’ll choose a date that will save you some money. When you’re on vacation, everyday is a Saturday, isn’t it?

10. Your wedding will be the wedding of the year! Yes, your friends back home may have an epic wedding where the DJ played the best music or what not, but nothing beats a wedding weekend in paradise where your friends and family enjoyed not only an epic wedding but an epic vacation!

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If these 10 reasons have you convinced and already planning your destination wedding in your mind, make sure you start here with our helpful tips, The Fundamentals of Destination Weddings.{"url":"","count":764})