Uniquely Sexy Oved Cohen Wedding Dresses 2015


These Oved Cohen wedding dresses are super sexy in the most unique ways. This Israeli designer wastes no time taking bold risks with his designs. With all the revealing cutouts and sheer fabric in these dresses, any bride can feel glamorously sensual and elegant. Even dresses with high necklines find a way to reveal a sexy and oh-so-seductive vibe in a classy way. We are loving the luxurious lace and intricate embroidered details in these 2015 Oved Cohen wedding gowns. Keep scrolling below for the hottest wedding dress inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Oved Cohen

oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-1-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-2-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-3-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-4-09242015-km

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oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-5-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-6-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-7-09242015-km

How modern and flattering is this divine Oved Cohen wedding gown? The rounded cutouts with the slitted sleeves are so unique! This stylish wedding dress is just what comes to mind when we think of successful fashion risks.

oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-8-09242015-kmoved-cohen-wedding-dresses-9-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-10-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-11-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-12-09242015-km

The plunging neckline in this design below has us completely mesmerized! The deep plunging V-neckline in this signature Oved Cohen wedding dress perfectly complements the classic lace long sleeves.

oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-13-09242015-kmoved-cohen-wedding-dresses-14-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-15-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-16-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-17-09242015-km

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oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-18-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-19-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-20-09242015-km oved-cohen-wedding-dresses-21-09242015-km

With sexy designs like lace cutouts and plunging necklines, this 2015 Oved Cohen wedding dress collection is one to swoon over again and again. Designer bridal couture can be stunning and racy or traditionally simple, but this collection has a perfectly bold combination of both!