20 Chic and Unique Wedding Ideas

Wedding ideas can come in all shapes and sizes, and we picked these because of their unique beauty! From wedding bouquets to centerpieces, these unique wedding ideas are vibrant in color and incredibly elegant. It may seem like a challenge to incorporate bright colors into your wedding day, but take a look at these ideas below and see how it can be made easy. If you need wedding inspiration with bright details and chic beauty, you have to check out these unique wedding ideas below!

wedding-ideas-2-07062015chFeatured Photographer: Saybre Photography

Vibrant Flowers

From bouquets to centerpieces, bright colored flowers are always cheery and beautiful! Nothing pops more than a bright and cheery wedding bouquet up against a beautiful white wedding gown and nothing lights up a reception like these pretty petals can.

wedding-ideas-5-07062015chFeatured Photographer: J. Harper Photographywedding-ideas-7-07062015chFeatured Photographer: J. Renee Studioswedding-ideas-13-07062015chFeatured Photographer: Alicia Lacey Photographyy

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From your hairstyle, wedding shoes to even your wedding rings, you can add chic and unique elements to your wedding day look. See the inspiration below.

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Wedding Cakes

Add a pop of color to your wedding cake by adding a bright floral detail on top or around the base. This touch of color will draw all eyes to your wedding cake and give your wedding reception an extra touch of excitement!

wedding-ideas-4-07062015chFeatured Photographer: J. Harper Photographywedding-ideas-6-07062015chFeatured Photographer: Paula Andrea Photographywedding-ideas-14-07062015chFeatured Photographer: Alicia Lacey Photographywedding-ideas-11-07062015chFeatured Photographer: Alea Moore Photography

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Unique wedding ideas can be difficult to think of at times, and sometimes all it takes is adding a pop of color or a incorporating little details to your look. From cakes, wedding bouquets to wedding shoes, unique wedding ideas can always be included in every aspect of your wedding. It’s a fun way to make your day more exciting for you and your wedding guests!