2016 Mira Zwillinger Stardust Bridal Collection Part II


We’ve brought back Mira Zwillinger to see part two of her gorgeous Stardust Bridal Collection! We couldn’t get enough of the unique and creative styles the first time around in Part One. Just like in part one, there are many more breathtaking patterns that are waiting to be explored and adored, and also different skirt styles that we haven’t seen much of yet. These luxurious European-influenced bridal gowns are simply stunning, and the delicate details carefully put into each one are perfect for a soft and classically elegant look. Get a final glimpse of these runway wedding dresses in the Mira Zwillinger Stardust Collection!

Photos: Courtesy of Mira Zwillinger

mira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmWe are adoring this cropped top, two-piece design for sexy sophistication. It’s on trend and that high slit will let any bride live up her “Angelina Jolie moment.” It’s perfect dress movement like this that let’s you channel your inner model and feel confident!mira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-km

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mira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmOne shoulder dresses are trendy and oh-so-chic. And with a silk ribbon detail at the top, which looks great from the front and behind, this Mira Zwillinger dress exudes feminine and flirty style. The subtle and sexy slit once again shows off a soft and graceful side for any bride to love!mira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmFor the bride who wants to don a truly unique and modern wedding dress, a two-piece combo like this sheer top and flared skirt will do just the trick. If not for your wedding day, why not consider this Mira Zwillinger inspiration for your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower? You’ll be a true style icon with a stunning outfit like this. It’s such a bold look, but it’s so hard not to love!mira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-kmmira-zwillinger-3-10132015-km

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These bold and beautiful Mira Zwillinger gowns are both edgy and elegant! This Israel-based designer sure knows how to inspire with over-the-top luxury wedding dresses. If you haven’t seen Part One of the collection, make sure you take a look for more beautiful dress designs!