21 Whimsical Wedding Ideas to Celebrate

These whimsical wedding ideas couldn’t be any prettier! From rustic bridal bouquets to romantic wedding cakes, these ideas will give your wedding the fancy details you were looking for. Check them out below and see how perfect they really are!

wedding-ideas-1-071315chFeatured Photographer: Jason Burns Photography
wedding-ideas-9-071315chFeatured Photographer: Hearts & Horseshoes Photography via Project Weddingwedding-ideas-21-071315chFeatured Photographer: Christine Pienaarr Photography via Style Me Pretty

Wedding Bouquets

We love the way mixed flowers adds whimsy to a wedding bouquet. For a rustic chic or spring wedding, having a garden bouquet with a blend of different florals can give you the perfect accessory to hold as you walk down the aisle.

wedding-ideas-7-071315chFeatured Photographer: Theo Milo Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-20-071315chFeatured Photographer: Christine Pienaarr Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-3-071315chFeatured Photographer:William Innes Photographywedding-ideas-17-071315chFeatured Photographer: Vallentyne Photography wedding-ideas-2-071315chFeatured Photographer: Gina & Ryan Photography

Wedding Decor

Along with wedding bouquets, playing up the wedding floral centerpieces with different florals can be just as fun. It’s the perfect way to incorporate all your wedding colors into your wedding reception.

wedding-ideas-5-071315chFeatured Photographer: Theo Milo Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-6-071315chFeatured Photographer: Theo Milo Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-11-071315chFeatured Photographer: Josh Goleman of The Wedding Artists Collective via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-15-071315chFeatured Photographer: Rebecca Ames via Style Me Pretty

Wedding Cakes

Our love of wedding cakes grows as we are inspired by these beautiful designs! Whether it’s simply topped with some pretty flowers or intricately decorated with pearls, these wedding cakes below provide the perfect taste of whimsy.

wedding-ideas-12-071315chFeatured Photographer: Ellis Photo Studio via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-10-071315chFeatured Photographer: Ashley Caroline Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-14-071315chFeatured Photographer: Julia Wade via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-4-071315chFeatured Photographer: Theo Milo Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-8-071315chFeatured Photographer: Jillian Michelle Photography via Style Me Pretty
wedding-ideas-13-071315chFeatured Photographer: Jen Fariello Photography via Style Me Pretty
wedding-ideas-19-071315chFeatured Photographer: Ashley Caroline Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-16-071315chFeatured Photographer:Photography: Rachel Red Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-ideas-18-071315chFeatured Photographer: Vallentyne Photography

Through these unique whimsical wedding ideas, we hope you’ve been inspired to incorporate an idea or two into your special day! Pin your favorites to keep these ideas in mind.