24 Perfectly Divine and Romantic Wedding Cakes

Seriously, wow! These irresistibly elegant wedding cakes are garnished and designed so exquisitely. We are not worthy! This eye-catching romantic indulgence is almost too much to handle. From graceful pearls to sugar flowers to fancy glitter, check out these heavenly gourmet treats to inspire you for your flawless wedding reception.

wedding-cakes-1-07142015-kmFeatured Photography: Amanda Marie Photography via Cakewalk Bake Shop
wedding-cakes-3-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakes

Soft shades of blush and teal come together in this elegant ivory wedding cake. Complete with pearls and antique brooch designs, this would be the perfect cake to throw back for a Roaring 20’s or Marie Antoinette themed wedding!

wedding-cakes-4-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-5-07142015-kmFeatured Photography: Carina + David Photography via Hochzeitswahn | Featured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-6-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-7-07142015-kmFeatured Photography: Michael Habraken Photography | Featured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-8-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-9-07142015-kmFeatured Photography: Michael Habraken Photography | Featured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-10-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-11-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-12-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakes via Cake Central

We just adore this black wedding cake – who would’ve thought a black cake could look so pleasing to the eye? We love the unique chalkboard design that’s perfect for customizing your cake with any kind of writing!

wedding-cakes-14-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakes

If you can’t choose between a wedding cake or a cupcake, this is the perfect solution to your problems. Have a cake stand that will accommodate both your wedding cake and cupcakes around it!

wedding-cakes-15-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-17-07142015-kmFeatured Photography: Michael Habraken Photographywedding-cakes-18-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakes via Cake Centralwedding-cakes-19-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakes via Cake Central
wedding-cakes-21-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-22-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-23-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakeswedding-cakes-24-07142015-kmFeatured Cake: Silly Bakery Cakes

Every single one of these wedding cakes stands out with unique features and colors that make them perfectly divine and romantic. We hope you’ve been inspired by these delicious treats for your own wedding day!