Drop-Dead Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for a Wavy Look

Back again with voluminous and wavy wedding hairstyles, Elstile has created fabulously styled looks for us to admire and swoon over. Side-swept low updos and long beautiful curls make our day as it inspires us with all its beauty. With the perfect makeup and most glamorous accessories factored in with a lovely bridal hairstyle, there’s no way your all-around look won’t stand out with charm. Scroll below for some wonderful wedding hairstyles to inspire you!

wedding-hairstyles-1-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-2-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-3-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstile
wedding-hairstyles-4-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-5-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstile

This swept-up updo radiates with sophistication and grace. This updo works for long hair, keeping it all tamed while having a loose effect. Wedding hairstyles with side accessories like tiny florals help keep the style adorable and intriguing.

wedding-hairstyles-6-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-7-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-8-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-9-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-13-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles-10-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-11-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-12-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstile

We’re loving this chic style for long hair! Beautiful long wavy curls are pushed back, keeping hair out of the face. For wedding hairstyles like this, switch it up for your reception by pulling half back for a half-up-half-down wedding hairstyle.

wedding-hairstyles-14-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-15-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-16-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-17-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles-18-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-19-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

For one of the prettiest wedding hairstyles, pin your long bridal look back using glamorous hair pieces! This way, it’s doing two things at once: holding your hair back while exuding an alluring and stylish wedding hairstyle.

wedding-hairstyles-20-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-21-10192015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-22-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

We can’t get over these full and luxurious wedding hairstyles! Elstile never fails to keep each bridal hairstyle completely trendy and voluminous. Braid the sides of your hair into a messy low bun updo, or just leave it all down with the most impressive and stunning curls to help you shine throughout the day!