Elegant and Unique Wedding Decorating Ideas

The wedding decorating ideas below feature bright colors that are the perfect inspiration for a beautiful wedding with lots of expression! Colors like blue and purple always look gorgeous in wedding decor so choosing these pretty hues will guarantee your wedding to be an eye-catcher. From wedding bouquets to centerpieces, these unique wedding decorating ideas will bring so much more exciting detail to your day. Scroll down to get inspired by bright color decor ideas for your wedding!

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Wedding Bouquets

Incorporating purple and blue into your wedding bouquet is a great wedding decorating idea. A soft, pastel lilac or periwinkle pairs beautifully with green and white and look especially chic for spring wedding bouquets.

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Beautiful Blues

We think pastel blue is another wonderful color to incorporate into your wedding, especially for an outdoor celebration. The combination of blue, green, and white makes for an outstanding color palette that can create a wonderful feeling throughout your entire wedding day.

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There are so many unique wedding decorating ideas that it can be tough to decide on one certain theme. But by simply adding a beautiful pastel color, you can create so many eye-catching features for your day! Remember to check out these designs if you need some wedding decorating inspiration!