Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles from Elstile Part I

Get ready for the ultimate glamour showdown with these fabulous wedding hairstyles! Nothing can top these seriously sparkling looks. With complex and flawless details like the headpieces and hair accessories, these trendy styles are sure to shine on your big day. Whether you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair, short or another length in between, at least one of these stunning styles has to be the perfect inspiration for your wedding look! Let these fancy inspirations from Elstile be your guide to perfectly sophisticated wedding hairstyles.

wedding-hairstyles-1-10082015-km Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-2-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstile

For the long haired brides, this look is both gorgeous and doable. Keep all your hair pulled back and out of your face, but leave in a long, curled, voluminous ponytail with a stylish hairpiece wrapped around it. This romantic style will keep your beautiful long hair looking elegant and charming.

wedding-hairstyles-3-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-4-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-5-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-6-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-7-10082015-km.jpgFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles-8-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-9-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-10-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstile

This bridal style is more traditional, but still pretty and chic. The classic curls give a clean look and frame the face beautifully, and allow so much freedom for a lovely veil! To play it safe and still appear as charming as ever, the long curls are the way to go.

wedding-hairstyles-11-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-12-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-13-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-14-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-15-10082015-km.jpgFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles-16-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-17-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-18-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-19-10082015-km.jpg Featured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-20-10082015-km.jpgFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

Elstile took our breath away with these glamorously crafted wedding hairstyles! With these bold and lavish styles, your stunning wedding look will be complete.