Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles from Elstile Part II

We’ve brought back more wedding hairstyles that have full-on glamour from Elstile to start off the day with impeccable beauty! More impressive braids, lengthy waves and dazzling low bun updos to keep us inspired with the most stylish wedding hairstyles. These Russian stylists have mastered every kind of hairstyle you can think of in an elegant fashion for glamorous and voluminous looks! If you’re still looking for the perfect kind of ‘do for your big day, get inspired by these glorious styles that will leave any bride charmingly tressed to impress!

wedding-hairstyles-1-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-2-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-3-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-4-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-5-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

This is one of the most attractive wedding hairstyles we’ve seen yet! The classic bump leading into to tousled and curly low style gives the look texture and volume. The way the braid is starting from the side and leading into the low updo is just brilliant. As long as your hair is able to turn out into these soft curls, this style works for short or lengthy hair!

wedding-hairstyles-6-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-7-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-8-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-9-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-10-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles-11-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-12-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-13-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles-14-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-15-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-16-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

We are loving this old Hollywood glamorous look! This particular style is sleek and chic with a romantic vintage vibe to it. It’s all about making sure the top of your hair is straight with the bottom crimped into soft, elegant waves. Try this exotic and charming style on your wedding day for the delicate look!

wedding-hairstyles-17-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-18-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-19-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles-20-10092015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

Each of these flawless wedding hairstyles are truly breathtaking with all the right elements. Elstile is able to take classic style details and turn them into glamorous, modern wedding styles that are seriously made to perfection just like we’ve seen in part one!