Naama & Anat Wedding Dresses 2015 Irresistible Collection


As implied by the name, the Naama & Anat wedding dresses from the 2015 collection are simply irresistible. Aside from sexy designs handmade with French lace and chiffon, these hip hugging silhouettes are perfect for the edgy bride with a taste for haute couture. As a mother and daughter design team with an extreme eye for detail and intricate design, this dynamic duo has mastered the art of sexy-sophistication. Check out the latest Naama & Anat wedding dresses collection below for a peek into a world of effortless seduction.

Photos: Courtesy of Naama & Anat

naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-1-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-2-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-3-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-4-10022015-km Featuring plunging necklines and genius shapes, the Naama & Anat wedding dresses take creativity to a whole new level of style. In fact, we haven’t seen wedding dress trains this extravagant in a long timenaama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-5-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-6-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-7-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-8-10022015-km

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naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-9-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-10-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-11-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-12-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-13-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-14-10022015-km

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naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-15-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-16-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-17-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-18-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-19-10022015-km One of our favorite styles from this inspiring collection is the long-sleeve Goddess gown with fitted lace and a fabulous sheer overlay exposing a short skirt. As with many gowns in this season’s collection, timeless vintage materials paired with modern design is the overarching theme.naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-20-10022015-km naama-&-anat-wedding-dresses-21-10022015-km

If you can’t already see, we are totally in love with the Naama & Anat wedding dresses from what happens to be one enticing collection of gowns evoking confidence and poise. From sexy sheer overlays to the most gorgeous lace, this collection really has it all when it comes to sensual bridal luxury.{"url":"","count":11})