Saison Blanche Couture Wedding Dresses


These Saison Blanche Couture dresses go above and beyond with the classy hand beading, exquisite embroidery, lavish fabrics and clean silhouettes featuring the most delicate details. This evolving brand achieves timelessly modern designs in such a graceful fashion. This collection’s abundance of couture gowns includes vintage style and charming lace appliques for an enchanting fantasy look. Ivory is the color that seems to dominate these romantically traditional wedding dresses, and some even include embellished jackets that add a heightened drama to the design. Let these Saison Blanche Couture wedding dresses take you to a world of elegance and traditional bridal beauty!

Photos: Courtesy of Saison Blanche Couture

saison-blanche-1-10162015-km saison-blanche-2-10162015-km This Saison Blanche Couture gown is made of elegantly draped silk fabric that gives off a mesmerizing sensual vibe for ultimate bridal charm. The dramatic plunging V-neckline paired with a classic backless look adds to the feminine elements of the dress. Like in many other of this wedding dress designer’s designs, the crystals add glamour and passion for a brilliant finish.saison-blanche-3-10162015-km saison-blanche-4-10162015-km saison-blanche-5-10162015-km saison-blanche-6-10162015-km

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saison-blanche-13-10162015-km This breathtaking sweetheart strapless gown features a modern V-back for an irresistibly chic look. The lace highlights a voluminous texture for the front and back. The Swarovski crystals create a thin belt wrapping around the natural waistline to make any bride’s waist sparkle. The cascading ruffles of silk organza fabric effortlessly spill onto a lengthy bridal train that makes this Saison Blanche gown extremely captivating!saison-blanche-14-10162015-km saison-blanche-couture-18saison-blanche-15-10162015-km saison-blanche-16-10162015-km saison-blanche-17-10162015-km

We are so impressed with how amazing these Saison Blanche Couture wedding dresses are! From the crystals to the subtle lace details, each design is truly radiant with plenty of dramatic and genius accents.{"url":"","count":7})