Simply Beautiful Wedding Cakes from Rachelle’s

We have the most simply beautiful wedding cakes in store today, ranging from the prettiest cake flowers to intricately detailed decor structure. Thanks to Rachelle’s artistically appealing wedding cakes, there’s a huge collection of dreamy gourmet confection just waiting to be swooned over. Take a look at these treats for some mouth-watering inspiration!

This powdered sugar-coated, multi-tiered goodness is just what we needed to start off the day. They stand out with bold colors and pretty florals that top off these wedding cakes so nicely!

wedding-cakes-5-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’swedding-cakes-6-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’s
wedding-cakes-8-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’s

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wedding-cakes-10-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’s

The precise icing decoration on these tiered cakes is simply out of this world. We’d never expect such perfection in wedding cake decoration achieved like this! These wedding cakes are rich with quality decor and effortless appeal.

wedding-cakes-12-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’swedding-cakes-13-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’s

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wedding-cakes-17-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’swedding-cakes-18-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’s
wedding-cakes-20-10282015-kmFeatured Cake: Rachelle’s

The beautiful simplicity stands out in this cream-colored gourmet cake! We’re falling in love with the soft and delicate rose decoration and the feminine bow at the bottom for an extra lovely detail. Sometimes, less is more and this cake helps us remember that!

wedding-cakes-22-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’swedding-cakes-23-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’swedding-cakes-24-10282015-km Featured Cake: Rachelle’s

You can tell that this London-based wedding cake designer puts forth her passion and best efforts to create these creatively gorgeous designs. With flawless technique and flavor, these wedding cakes from Rachelle’s are seriously amazing and we’re feeling inspired in the best kind of way. Cake, anyone?{"url":"","count":408})