Two by Rosa Clara Bridal Collection 2016 Part I


Once again, epic Spain-based bridal fashion designer Rosa Clara is back with her newest 2016 collection for Two by Rosa Clara. Lucky for us, she has designed almost 100 different styles for this unbelievably beautiful collection, which is why we have four parts for you to get your bridal couture inspiration from, starting with this one!  There are stylishly elegant gowns with lace, ruffles and tulle that bring out the classic detailing in each delicate couture gown. Get started on part one of Two by Rosa Clara for the best wedding dress inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Rosa Clara

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rosa-clara-two-1-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-2-10042015-km

These two angelic off-the-shoulder Rosa Clara gowns below are simply stunning! Both the ball gown tulle dress and the beaded lace dress with the flared skirt are traditional and elegant for a sophisticated wedding day.

rosa-clara-two-3-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-4-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-5-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-6-10042015-km

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rosa-clara-two-7-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-8-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-9-10042015-km

This Rosa Clara wedding dress is filled with pretty feminine details. It takes the ball gown style to a higher level with the cascade pattern of fabric gracefully falling to the floor. The  lace flower is absolutely perfect for this fashionably dramatic wedding dress.

rosa-clara-two-10-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-11-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-12-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-13-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-14-10042015-km

How chic is this tulip skirt? We love the contrast of the bold skirt against the delicate lace top. This is the perfect dress for a classic bride looking for unique features.


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rosa-clara-two-16-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-17-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-18-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-19-10042015-km rosa-clara-two-20-10042015-km

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This abundant and diverse 2016 collection is just what we needed to drive more heavenly wedding dress inspiration.  The classic and romantic elements of these Rosa Clara wedding dresses keep us wanting more!

Click to see parts two, three and four of this fabulous collection.{"url":"","count":58})