Two by Rosa Clara Bridal Collection 2016 Part III


Part three of the wonderful Two by Rosa Clara bridal collection is full of more genius designs that are so appealing! With organza fabric, mesh, tulle and more lace designs, these ball gown wedding dresses and A-lines are just what we need to give us plenty more inspiring ideas. With the final part of Two by Rosa Clara on its way, enjoy this second-to-last breathtaking wedding inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Rosa Clara

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rosa-clara-two-1-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-2-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-3-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-4-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-5-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-6-10062015-km

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rosa-clara-two-7-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-8-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-9-10062015-km

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rosa-clara-two-10-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-11-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-13-10062015-km

I don’t think it’s possible for this stunning modified A-line wedding dress to get any classier! It’s clean, feminine and beautifully designed. This Rosa Clara number has just the right amount of embroidered patterns to maintain a gorgeous design. It also has the perfect fabric for maintaing a fabulous feminine shape!

rosa-clara-two-14-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-15-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-16-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-17-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-18-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-19-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-20-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-21-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-22-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-24-10062015-km

Having a long elegant train for your wedding dress is traditional and timeless. This duchess satin dress and train is seriously one of a kind with its flattering lines and beaded fabric around the top!

rosa-clara-two-25-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-26-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-27-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-28-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-29-10062015-km rosa-clara-two-30-10062015-km

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These designer wedding dresses are overwhelmingly beautiful and stylish, making them perfect for any type of wedding ceremony! Don’t worry, the collection isn’t ending here even though we could be completely satisfied if it did.

Click to see parts one, two and four of this fabulous collection.{"url":"","count":41})