Two by Rosa Clara Bridal Collection 2016 Part IV


The final part of this Two by Rosa Clara collection is out-of-this world beautiful! One of our favorite designers has beautifully out-done herself again with the most elegant wedding dresses. Similar to the other parts of this collection, the impressive designs and luxurious fabrics are what brings these dresses together as one of the most well-known designer bridal collections. Check out parts one, two and three in addition to this one for your wedding dress inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Rosa Clara

rosa-clara-two-1-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-2-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-3-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-4-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-5-10072015-km

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rosa-clara-two-6-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-7-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-8-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-9-10072015-km This beaded chiffon dress below adds a sleek touch to this Two by Rosa Clara collection. We love the conservative neckline and the softness and subtly in the silhouette. The keyhole back is delicate and pretty, so a low up-do to reveal those details would be perfect!rosa-clara-two-10-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-11-10072015-km

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rosa-clara-two-12-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-13-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-14-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-15-10072015-km

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rosa-clara-two-16-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-17-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-18-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-19-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-20-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-21-10072015-kmThis gorgeous silky smooth Two by Rosa Clara gown strays from the ball gown wedding dress style, and goes for a sleek wedding look. The sheath dress is classy and feminine with its classic straps. And even better, this unique gown has subtle pockets, which is perfect for stashing your lipgloss for touch-ups! rosa-clara-two-22-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-23-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-24-10072015-km rosa-clara-two-25-10072015-km

The 2016 Two by Rosa Clara collection has reached its end! We are so lucky that her latest and greatest collection was able to be our inspiration for the past few days. Her various styles and designs kept us inspired and on our toes with intricate top-notch details, while each look was able to stand out with class and sophistication! We hope you’ve also been inspired!{"url":"","count":39})