Vamp Mados Namai Wedding Dresses Collection


Today is the perfect day to fall in love with new styles, and we are so stoked to be doing just that with these beautiful Vamp Mados Namai wedding dresses. Lithuania-based designer Arvydas Videlka takes a savvy approach to design, incorporating luxurious satin and lace fabrics and shapes that perfectly channel the essence of femininity. Each one of these Vamp Mados Namai wedding dresses featured below will certainly provoke inspiration in the best kind of way.

Photos: Courtesy of Vamp Mados Namai

vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-1-10022015-km vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-2-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-3-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-4-10022015-km.jpg

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vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-5-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-6-10022015-km.jpg Every single design embodies grace and sophistication with long flowing draping and some of the prettiest lace sleeves we’ve ever seen! For the bride who dreams of a simple, elegant gown, almost every one of the Vamp Mados Namai wedding dresses will give you butterflies!vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-7-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-8-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-9-10022015-km vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-10-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-11-10022015-km.jpg Styled flawlessly with a sleek low updo, minimal jewelry and sassy long gloves, we think we’ve found our inspiration to create the perfect formal wedding day style from these Vamp Mados Namai wedding dresses.vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-12-10022015-km.jpgvamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-13-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-14-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-15-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-16-10022015-km.jpg

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vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-17-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-18-10022015-km.jpg vamp-mados-namai-wedding-dresses-19-10022015-km.jpg

There’s something so endearing about these Vamp Mados Namai wedding dresses–the classic, romantic styles are perfect for the modern bride. Who can deny that a collection this beautiful can totally transform the entire bridal look into something so surreal and magical? We hope you’ve been inspired!{"url":"","count":4738})