Watters Wedding Dresses Fall 2015 Collection


When it comes to these beautiful Watters wedding dresses from the 2015 fall collection, “romance is always in style.” These gorgeous Watters wedding dresses radiate with romantic beauty and delightful details for every bride to fall in love with. The stunning mixture in these dresses includes “one part Napa Valley chic, one part laid-back elegance, one part Boho, sultry charm.”  Like a breath of fresh air, Watters wedding dresses are satisfying and exhilarating. Look below to see what we mean!

Photos: Courtesy of Watters

watters-wedding-dresses-1-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-2-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-3-10182015-kmWe’re thinking that this elegant masterpiece is perfect for a breathtaking beach wedding! The adorably flattering lace corset followed by the smooth and effortlessly flowing bottom will be the highlight of a graceful and breezy wedding by the water.watters-wedding-dresses-8-10182015-kmwatters-wedding-dresses-9-10182015-kmwatters-wedding-dresses-5-10182015-kmwatters-wedding-dresses-6-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-7-10182015-km

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watters-wedding-dresses-10-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-11-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-12-10182015-km With classic white and angelic blush tones taking over this collection of amazing Watters wedding dresses, we know that any bold bouquet would pair perfectly with these gowns. This blush gown has such a flattering silhouette with a beautifully embellished belt as a focal point!watters-wedding-dresses-4-10182015-kmwatters-wedding-dresses-13-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-14-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-15-10182015-km

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watters-wedding-dresses-16-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-17-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-18-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-19-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-20-10182015-km watters-wedding-dresses-21-10182015-km

All of the stunning Watters wedding dresses are effortlessly elegant and extremely charming. We’re loving the simple designs with beaded, embroidered corsets and lengthy bridal trains that truly shine. There’s plenty to look forward to in a collection like this in which every gown can be glamorously dressed up with bold accessories, and every bride can be found with a beaming smile.