Yolan Cris Wedding Dresses 2016 Part I


Stop and see the gorgeousness in these Yolan Cris wedding dresses! This new collection of haute couture includes delicate details in the fabric, the finest embroidery and beautiful stones in a wide-ranged color scheme. Yolanda and Cristina are the two Barcelona-based sisters that founded their bridal brand in 2005. Each of these breathtaking Yolan Cris wedding dresses are hand-crafted in their atelier in Barcelona, using only the most high quality European materials for each passionate detail in its collections. With part two on the way, have a look at these amazing innovative designs now for some truly unique wedding inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Yolan Cris

yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-1-10182015-kmyolan-cris-wedding-dresses-2-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-3-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-4-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-5-10182015-km

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yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-6-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-7-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-8-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-9-10182015-km This modern and sophisticated gown has lace in all the right places! The sheer fabric will give that hot revealing look, but this form-fitting dress still displays classic details with a little touch of glamour. Yolan Cris wedding dresses are truly bold and fashionable, and of course, elegantly original.yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-10-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-11-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-12-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-13-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-14-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-15-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-16-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-17-10182015-km

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yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-18-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-19-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-20-10182015-km The Yolan Cris wedding dresses come in a wide variety of silhouettes. Although this gown isn’t as bohemian as previous collections, the designer duo seems to bring back classic elements, reinventing them with a more edgy, yet romantic, vibe and style! The feminine veil is so beautiful and brings some of the Barcelona flavor into the design.yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-21-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-22-10182015-km yolan-cris-wedding-dresses-23-10182015-km

We’re loving every hand-stitched detail in this collection of Yolan Cris wedding dresses! When bridal couture is this easy to love, there’s no way that a bride-to-be will not be feeling seriously inspired. Stay hopeful and stay dreaming because part two of these Yolan Cris wedding dresses is coming your way!