Beautiful Olia Zavozina Wedding Dresses


Olia Zavozina wedding dresses are some of the most sophisticated gowns with silhouettes made to perfection! This Nashville-based bridal designer brings customizable and cleanly structured gowns to the table for lovely brides to be able to pick and choose what works best for them. In addition the the custom laces, the stunning Olia Zavozina wedding dresses are beautiful and impressive for some influential wedding inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Olia Zavozina

olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-1-10272015nz To get us started with classic and sophisticated uniqueness, we’re adoring this A-line gown with lace bodice below! An illusion neckline adds a uniqueness to this classically beautiful masterpiece, making this one of our favorite Olia Zavozina wedding dresses.
olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-2-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-3-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-4-10272015nz This graceful two piece gown with it’s open back and silk satin top is completely to die for! Olia Zavozina wedding dresses all have their unique features, but this cropped look is extra special as it follows one of the most popular fashion trends of the moment.
olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-5-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-6-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-7-10272015nz This gorgeous gown is beautifully boho-chic with adorably feminine off-the-shoulder sleeves. The pretty corset bodice creates a soft and sexy look for any woman to feel free and confident in!olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-8-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-9-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-10-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-11-10272015nz

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olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-12-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-13-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-14-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-15-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-17-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-18-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-19-10272015nz

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olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-20-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-21-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-22-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-23-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-24-10272015nz olia-zavozina-wedding-dress-25-10272015nz

We’re blown away by these overwhelmingly beautiful Olia Zavozina wedding dresses! The most luxurious lace fabrics and unique details have left us in complete adoration.{"url":"","count":0})