Bridal Runway Trends: Chic Modern Wedding Dresses

Today’s modern wedding dresses will make you stop everything you’re doing and pay attention the the sophisticated charm! These designer gowns by epic wedding dress designers, like Angel Sanchez, Carolina Herrera and Jenny Packham, are glowing with fun and flirty styles as well as glamorous gowns for a graceful, poised look. Look below at these bridal runway trends of chic, modern wedding dresses!

Photos: Courtesy of Angel Sanchez, Carolina Herrera and Jenny Packham

angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-1-11132015nz Featured Dress: Angel Sanchezangel-sanchez-wedding-dress-2-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-3-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez

These modern wedding dresses by Angel Sanchez keep it trendy and stylish with unique pencil skirt wedding dress styles! His designs show structural precision with new shapes and timeless perfection. These dresses are a perfect blend of traditional couture and dramatically feminine details.

angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-4-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-5-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-6-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-7-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez

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angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-8-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-9-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez angel-sanchez-wedding-dress-10-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Angel Sanchez

carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-1-11132015nz Featured Dress: Carolina Herreracarolina-herrera-wedding-dress-2-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-3-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-4-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera

Caroline Herrera is killing it with the perfect runway styles! This Venezuelan designer brings her modern wedding dresses to life with lovely flowing silhouettes and flattering necklines. Her style is nothing short of elegant and feminine!

carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-5-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-6-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-7-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-8-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-9-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-10-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera

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carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-11-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-12-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrera carolina-herrera-wedding-dress-13-11132015nzFeatured Dress: Carolina Herrerajenny-packham-wedding-dress-1-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham 

This luxuriously breathtaking Jenny Packham gown is overflowing with romantic glamour! The flawlessly embellished sleeves and waistline create a unique and flattering dress shape that leaves us speechless. We’re loving the traditional white wedding dress style with glamorous details!

jenny-packham-wedding-dress-2-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham  jenny-packham-wedding-dress-3-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham  jenny-packham-wedding-dress-4-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham  jenny-packham-wedding-dress-5-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham  jenny-packham-wedding-dress-6-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham  jenny-packham-wedding-dress-7-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham  jenny-packham-wedding-dress-8-11132015nzyFeatured Dress: Jenny Packham 

These bridal runway trends have shown us the chic details of these fabulous modern wedding dresses. The top-notch designers really know how to create elegant, trendy bridal beauty!{"url":"","count":12})