Elegant Wedding Cakes by Melcakes

We’re all in for a treat today with these Swiss wedding cakes by Melcakes! The delectable designs and vibrant details make it all worth it when it comes to picking out your dream wedding cake. These adorably fancy treats from the Switzerland-based bakery includes shimmering gold, rich black and brown, and fluffy white and pink details that any bride would love to have for her big day. Get inspired by the truly glorious, princess-inspired confection that will lighten up your day!

wedding-cakes-1-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakes
wedding-cakes-6-10152015-kmFeatured Cake: Melcakes

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wedding-cakes-2-10152015-kmFeatured Photographer: Sandra Marusic Photography | Featured Cake: Melcakes

wedding-cakes-7-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakes

These satisfying white wedding cakes are perfectly garnished with the cutest pink floral details! The silky smooth textures and irresistible designs are what makes these magical wedding cakes seem so dreamy.  A mouthful of this delicate creaminess will transport any guest into a new world of desserts!

wedding-cakes-10-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakeswedding-cakes-11-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakeswedding-cakes-12-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakeswedding-cakes-13-10152015-kmFeatured Cake: Melcakes

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wedding-cakes-15-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakeswedding-cakes-16-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakeswedding-cakes-17-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakeswedding-cakes-18-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakes
wedding-cakes-20-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakes

These dark, rich satisfying wedding cakes make the finest opulent treats. The sultry lavish style makes them seem classic and elegant, and draped in chocolate drizzled goodness. It’s always pleasing to they eye when a big splash of vibrant color is added to deep and dark wedding ideas like these heavenly cakes!

wedding-cakes-23-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakeswedding-cakes-24-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakes
wedding-cakes-27-10152015-km Featured Cake: Melcakes

A forkful of any of these blissful wedding cakes will have us spinning in circles around the dessert table. We couldn’t be more satisfied with this blissful abundance of elegant baked goods that exude sophistication and class. Melcakes really nailed this go-round of wedding cake inspiration!