Elegantly Sexy Berta Wedding Dresses 2016 Part II

berta-wedding-dresses-collage-11182015-km1Part two of these sexy Berta wedding dresses are here and more elegant than ever. With dazzling lace, glamorous silhouettes and sexy necklines, these gowns do way more than just impress. These Berta wedding dresses with radiant details are perfect for an all-around elegantly vintage vibe. Look below to catch a glimpse of part two of the 2016 Berta bridal couture!

Photos: Courtesy of Berta

berta-wedding-dresses-1-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-2-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-3-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-4-11182015-km This incredible long-sleeved Berta gown is totally chic and sleek! We can’t get enough of the dramatic mermaid skirt with a never-ending bridal train, creating the most luxurious look for these Berta wedding dresses.berta-wedding-dresses-5-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-6-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-7-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-8-11182015-km

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berta-wedding-dresses-9-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-10-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-11-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-12-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-13-11182015-km The precious details in these Berta wedding dresses seem to start from the intricately designed top half of the dress and continue down to the flawlessly crafted silhouettes. We’re loving these clean, smooth looks!berta-wedding-dresses-14-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-15-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-16-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-17-11182015-km Feel more confident and feminine than ever in this sophisticatedly chic wedding dress that would look stunning in a classic outdoor wedding. Skinny straps and an open back leaves room for a fun and sexy vibe, and fresh air of course!berta-wedding-dresses-18-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-19-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-20-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-21-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-22-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-23-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-24-11182015-km

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berta-wedding-dresses-25-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-26-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-27-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-28-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-29-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-30-11182015-km berta-wedding-dresses-31-11182015-km

It’s amazing how all of the Berta wedding dresses from the 2016 collection are packed with romantic details, and exude passion and gracefulness all in once. This kind of class and charm never goes out of style!