Elegantly Simple Wedding Cakes Made to Inspire

We have beautifully simple wedding cakes in store today, featuring classic white cakes and artistic textures that are sure to blow your mind! Layers upon layers and luxurious design add to the sweet symphony of these wedding cake ideas by epic cake designers like Nadia & Co. Cakes and Cakes 2 Kreate. Don’t let these savory, sweet and satisfying wedding cakes out of your sight and get Pinning!

wedding-cakes-5-11022015-km Featured Photographer: 5ive15ifteen Photography | Featured Cake: Nadia & Co. Cakes

We’re loving the glorious multi-tiered structure of these rich wedding cakes, oozing with sophisticated charm!

wedding-cakes-6-11022015-km Featured Photographer: McCune Photography | Featured Floral Design: Krista Jonwedding-cakes-7-11022015-km Featured Photographer: Mango Studios | Featured Cake: Nadia & Co. Cakes via Beautiful Cake Pictureswedding-cakes-8-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-25-11022015-kmFeatured Photographer: Kate Robinson Photography | Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-26-11022015-kmFeatured Photographer: Kate Robinson Photography | Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate via The Creative Typewedding-cakes-27-11022015-kmFeatured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-28-11022015-kmFeatured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate

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wedding-cakes-9-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-10-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-11-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate

Nothing says classic like the refreshing cake florals we see here! Traditional white cakes topped with pink, red, orange or any other pastel sugar flowers are just what you need to maintain a classic reception.

wedding-cakes-12-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-13-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-14-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-15-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate wedding-cakes-16-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-17-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreatewedding-cakes-18-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate

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wedding-cakes-19-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate

These simple wedding cakes are still overflowing with unique textures and powerful design!

wedding-cakes-22-11022015-km Featured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate
wedding-cakes-24-11022015-kmFeatured Cake: Cakes 2 Kreate

There’s everything to love about these simply beautiful wedding cakes. From white to black and simple to complex designs, each cake radiates its on uniqueness. We hope you’ve found some deliciously sweet inspiration through these cake designs today.