Epic Rollypalooza Themed Malibu Wedding


Before we dive into this seriously epic Malibu wedding, I think it’s important to note a few things shared from the bride. One. The husband is a musician and the wife loves jam. Two. The bride and groom’s names are Molly and Robby and Lollapalooza is a famous outdoor music festival. Three. The couple wanted to throw tradition out the window to create one big party of a lifetime. Now, knowing these three facts, all the details of this awesome Malibu wedding will come together and make sense as you scroll through the photos captured beautifully by Maria Lamb! Prepare to be mind-blown!

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Photographer: Maria Lamb | Venue: Saddlerock Ranch | Event Planning: Kayla Ton | Floral Design: Seed Floral | Wedding Gown: Sarah Seven | Cake: SusieCakes | Catering: Flat Iron | DJ: DJ Sosa | Band: Help The Doctor | Band: Alex And Corey Fleeman | Band: Bernie Kim & The Last Call | Band: California Feetwarmers | Groom’s Suit:Klein Epstein Parker | Officiant: Pastor Rankin Wilbourne | Bride’s Custom Ceremony Dress: ShinBu Bridal | Dessert: Coolhaus | Groom Tie + Clip: Bo Clothing | Hair (Bridesmaids): Drybar Westlake Village | MUAH: Kelly Yi | Music: Matt LaRocca | Paper Products: Hooray Creative | Rentals: Dish Wish | Rentals: A Rental Connection | Rentals: AAA Rentals | Rentals: Etablir | Security: Sandman Security | Sound: All American AV | Wine: Malibu Family Wines