Glamorous Wedding Cakes Intricate Details

These fantasy wedding cakes are all you could ever want and so much more! Their festive designs and vivid colors are unforgettable and undeniably creative. This blissful multi-tiered goodness is artistic paradise, and their dreamy layers are full of luxurious style. See these overwhelmingly tempting wedding cakes for yourself to get inspired!

wedding-cake-1-11132015nz Featured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Designwedding-cake-1.3-11.15.2016nzzPhotography: Michael Fantauzzi Fine Art Photography

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wedding-cake-3-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design wedding-cake-4-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design wedding-cake-5-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design

We love colors and we love ombre! These watercolor shades of pastel colors are mind-blowing and original! This impressive design definitely sits at the top of our favorite wedding cakes list.

wedding-cake-6-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design wedding-cake-7-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design wedding-cake-8-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design wedding-cake-9-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design wedding-cake-10-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design wedding-cake-11-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design

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wedding-cake-12-11132015nzFeatured Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design

wedding-cake-2-11132015nzyyFeatured Cake: Bellaria Cake Design

This adorable wedding cake is stunning in a gold overlay and peach, pink and white florals! The two light colors come together to create a heavenly delicate gourmet cake that is just precious.

wedding-cake-6-11132015nzyyFeatured Cake: Bellaria Cake Design

These two colors paired together are simply magnificent! The deep pigmented pink makes this cake really stand out. The ruffled texture on the base of the cake and the adorable design toward the top make this one of the cutest and memorable wedding cakes!

wedding-cake-10-11132015nzyyFeatured Cake: Bellaria Cake Design wedding-cake-11-11132015nzyyFeatured Cake: Bellaria Cake Design wedding-cake-12-11132015nzyyFeatured Cake: Bellaria Cake Design wedding-cake-13-11132015nzyyFeatured Cake: Bellaria Cake Design wedding-cake-14-11132015nzyyFeatured Cake: Bellaria Cake Design

These beautiful wedding cakes were too dreamy and artistic not to share! The vibrant hues and fun florals really made these cakes radiate with sugar-coated charm. This collection of wedding cake inspiration makes it so hard to choose just one!{"url":"","count":387})