Solo Merav Wedding Dresses 2016


This breathtaking Solo Merav wedding dresses 2016 collection is full of delicate vintage style, while maintaining modern designs, perfect stitching and attention to details. This Israel-based designer uses high-quality materials, and the stunning silhouettes bring elegance to life! Enjoy these romantic Solo Merav wedding dresses 2016!

Photos: Courtesy of Solo Merav

solo-merav-wedding-dress-1-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-2-11092015nz These lovely dresses and their soft lines do wonders for showcasing the feminine elements of the body. This sexy strapless gown shines with unique details, hugging all the right curves in all the right places with it’s mermaid-style skirt!solo-merav-wedding-dress-3-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-4-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-5-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-6-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-7-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-8-11092015nz The cropped bridal look from these Solo Merav wedding dresses 2016 is something to really admire! The dramatic and gorgeous embroidered design gives this enchanting gown a vintage vibe, but the effortless bridal train is what keeps this dress so classically elegant.solo-merav-wedding-dress-9-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-10-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-11-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-12-11092015nz The flattering draping sleeves on this wedding dress, with a sexy V-shaped back design, are just what a bride needs to feel glamorous and confident!solo-merav-wedding-dress-13-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-14-11092015nz This sheath gown is so detailed and feminine with a cute pink bridal bow on the waistline. The sheer fabric on the neckline gives this dress that breathtaking element that every bride should have on their wedding day!solo-merav-wedding-dress-15-11092015nz solo-merav-wedding-dress-16-11092015nz

This flawlessly gorgeous assortment of Solo Merav wedding dresses 2016 is just what we needed to start our day! These truly unique and stunning styles are effortlessly elegant and classically modern.{"url":"","count":581})