Wedding Cakes with Fabulously Adorable Details

There’s so much to love about these wedding cakes full of adorable details that are perfect for the fun-loving bride! These one-of-a-kind gourmet wedding cakes are full of artistic design and freshly baked decadence that we can’t wait to dive into. Have a look at these gorgeous multi-tiered cakes below for perfect wedding inspiration!

wedding-cakes-1-11202015-kmFeatured Photographer: Sofia Kuan Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakerywedding-cakes-2-11202015-kmFeatured Photographer: Stefanie Capeda Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakery

Wedding cakes from Sugar Penguin Cakery are so sweetly sophisticated with the most classic details! White and gold with these divine florals are the perfect combination for an overall traditional specialty cake.

wedding-cakes-3-11202015-kmFeatured Photographer: Erin Gilmore Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakerywedding-cakes-4-11202015-kmFeatured Photographer: Edwin Hauris Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakerywedding-cakes-5-11202015-km Featured Photographer: Sofia Kuan Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakerywedding-cakes-6-11202015-km Featured Photographer: Stefanie Capeda Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakerywedding-cakes-7-11202015-kmFeatured Photographer: Life Studio Inc. | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakery

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wedding-cakes-9-11202015-kmFeatured Photographer: d’Soleil Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Penguin Cakery

With precise, intricate design, this angelic fluffy pink cake is more than just beautiful! It represents high-quality cake design and seems to be one of the loveliest wedding cakes we’ve seen.

The following cakes from Cove Cake Design are nothing short of breathtaking! These cakes are elegantly frosted and have cake flowers placed in the most perfect fashion. This lovely wedding cake inspiration is truly masterful!

wedding-cakes-21-11202015-km Featured Cake: Cove Cake Design
wedding-cakes-23-11202015-km Featured Cake: Cove Cake Designwedding-cakes-24-11202015-km Featured Cake: Cove Cake Designwedding-cakes-25-11202015-km Featured Cake: Cove Cake Design

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wedding-cakes-26-11202015-km Featured Cake: Cove Cake Design

wedding-cakes-29-11202015-km Featured Cake: Cove Cake Designwedding-cakes-30-11202015-kmFeatured Cake: Cove Cake Design

We’re obsessed with this latest wedding cake inspiration and all of it’s fun designs! Wedding cakes with simple and sophisticated details always makes everyone appreciate that classic charm in a special wedding reception.{"url":"","count":33})