Atelier Eme Wedding Dresses 2016

The beautiful Atelier Eme wedding dresses 2016 collection has the hottest dresses for the season! This amazing Italian designer has all the right designs to make brides look completely elegant for a wonderful wedding day. These classic and sophisticated Atelier Eme wedding dresses 2016 are nothing short of impressive. Take a look at these brilliant wedding gowns to feel inspired!

Photos: Courtesy of Atelier Eme

Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-1-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-2-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-3-12022015-km The beautiful cap sleeves and elegant V-neck on this wedding gown is just the start to the rest of a breathtaking design! With layered tulle fabric that effortlessly falls all around and classy pearls and sequins, this is one of the most unique of the Atelier Eme wedding dresses 2016 collection.Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-4-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-5-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-6-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-7-12022015-km

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Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-8-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-9-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-10-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-11-12022015-km This sophisticated ball gown includes exclusive flower hand embroidery on tulle fabric. With  bright ivory sequins, crystals, beads and rhinestones, these details create a glamorous overlapping effect with the color tones. The Atelier Eme wedding dresses 2016 collection are truly unique with each dazzling element!Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-12-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-13-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-14-12022015-km

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Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-15-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-16-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-17-12022015-km When it comes to mermaid dresses, the Atelier Eme wedding dresses 2016 collection includes that certain style in the most subtle way! It’s such an elegant dress with a lovely bodice and a round neckline and striking lace long sleeves. The sophisticated mermaid skirt is satin fabric, which makes it so classy!
Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-18-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-19-12022015-km This wedding dress is so romantic with its off-the-shoulder neckline, which is hand-embroidered Alencon lace with pearls, rhinestones and crystals. The pretty bow is such an elegant detail for a belt idea on a wedding dress!Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-20-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-21-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-22-12022015-km Atelier-Eme-Wedding Dresses-2016-23-12022015-km

The exquisite Italian designs today have us feeling head-over-heels! This kind of original bridal beauty is truly amazing, and the Atelier Eme wedding dresses 2016 collection is definitely one of the best collections we’ve seen so far. These memorable gowns are top-notch designer dresses!{"url":"","count":17})