Bridal Runway Trends: Modern Elegant Wedding Dresses

The best bridal runway trends are in these elegant wedding dresses with modern style and the most epically gorgeous details! With couture wedding dress designers like Lusan Mandongus, Ivy & Aster and Mira Zwillinger, we’re in for a real treat today because these elegant wedding dresses are one of a kind. Look through these dream dresses for some amazing bridal inspiration!

Photos: Courtesy of Lusan Mandongus, Ivy & Aster and Mira Zwillinger

LM by Lusan Mandongus

Elegant wedding dresses by Lusan Mandongus are usually inspired by defining novels, art, music and films to create the artistic aspects in the designs. With a unique modern vintage vibe, we get a taste of old Hollywood mixed with princess style. Unique dress skirts and waistlines are all right here for some of the hottest bridal runway trends of 2016 wedding dresses!

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Ivy & Aster Wedding Dresses

These Ivy & Aster gowns represent a soft, passionate and romantic vibe that sets these elegant wedding dresses apart from a lot of collections we’ve seen. The dreamy details of these luxury gowns are matched perfectly with their effortless charm to make each one so memorable and unique. These classic gowns represent a dream come true for any bride!

elegant-wedding-dresses-15-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-16-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-17-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-18-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-19-12032015-km

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elegant-wedding-dresses-20-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-21-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-22-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-23-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-24-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-25-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-26-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-27-12032015-km

Mira Zwillinger Wedding Dresses

These Mira Zwillinger gowns have the most creative use of unique fabrics, textures and patterns. Their sophisticated charm goes perfectly with the modern style and completely chic trends. This eye-catching couture has some of the finest hand embroidery and ornate beading from Italy, which is totally amazing! Each luxury gown is absolutely breathtaking it its own way, and we can’t help but stare!

elegant-wedding-dresses-28-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-29-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-30-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-31-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-32-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-33-12032015-km elegant-wedding-dresses-34-12032015-km

These strikingly elegant wedding dresses have everything any bride could ever want in her dream dress! With such stellar couture designs, these runway trends will always inspire. Full-on glamour, sophistication and class are the top qualities to look for in wedding dress inspiration!

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