Hayley Paige Wedding Dresses 2015


These Hayley Paige wedding dresses are the ultimate feminine bridal style that have the sweetest and softest designs to love. The lace and whimsically polished details are all so spectacular! You can see the smallest touch of edginess in these gowns and effortlessly flowing silhouettes, but it’s all part of the Hayley Paige wedding dresses enchanting charm. Check out these unique gowns to get you inspired for truly magical bridal beauty!

Photos: Courtesy of Hayley Paige

hayley-paige-wedding-dress-1-12202015nz With elegant chiffon fabric, this lovely A-line gown takes elegance to another level! This unique neckline draws attention with its intricate details, and the beaded straps add glamorous charm. hayley-paige-wedding-dress-2-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-3-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-4-12202015nz We’re loving this stylish blush ball gown that contrasts two opposite elements, but make this dress so perfect! The strapless sweetheart neckline is adorable, sweet and feminine, while the thigh-high front slit is sexy and flirtatious. The smooth organza fabric gives some of these Hayley Paige wedding dresses such a breathtaking look.hayley-paige-wedding-dress-5-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-6-12202015nz

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hayley-paige-wedding-dress-7-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-8-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-9-12202015nz For a polished and sensual look, we’re loving this ivory beaded mermaid skirt gown with geometric lines and shapes that makes the sweetheart neckline stand out. The gorgeous pleated skirt is full of luxurious layered fabric that gives off a truly refined look!hayley-paige-wedding-dress-10-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-11-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-12-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-13-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-14-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-15-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-16-12202015nz This flattering A-line bridal gown is charming and sophisticated with a beaded V-neckline. The beautiful ballerina-style skirt is perfect for any bride’s Cinderella moment, which is a soft, effortlessly flowing circular skirt.  These Hayley Paige wedding dresses are seriously classy and full of elegance!
hayley-paige-wedding-dress-17-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-18-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-19-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-20-12202015nz

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hayley-paige-wedding-dress-21-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-22-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-23-12202015nz There’s nothing hotter than an open back with criss-cross straps! The lovely illusion lace sleeves are the perfect touch of beauty to go with this unique style gown that has a cascading skirt for full-on glamour. hayley-paige-wedding-dress-24-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-25-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-26-12202015nz hayley-paige-wedding-dress-27-12202015nz

These Hayley Paige wedding dresses are some of the hottest dresses of 2015! End the year strong by drawing inspiration from these completely romantic and striking designs that truly know how to flatter any bride. With unique skirts, creative shapes and elegant silhouettes keep these collections strong and full of passion!