Lovely Wedding Cakes from Sugar Bee Sweets Part II

Once again, these lovely wedding cakes fromSugar Bee Sweets Bakery have captured our attention with their exquisitely colorful designs and elegant details! This Texas bakery has truly shown how creative and unique wedding cakes can be. Check out this dreamy wedding cake inspiration!

These colorful wedding cakes are outstanding! This particular watercolored pink and red cake brings such unique and creative design to a whole new level with its romantic details and fun structure.

wedding-cakes2-28-12042015-kmFeatured Photographer: Nicole Berrett Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets Bakerywedding-cakes2-7-12042015-km Featured Photographer: Fairy Tale Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

Ombre wedding cakes with a ridged texture and multi-tiered structure is always a good idea! Different shades of your favorite colors piled high for a breathtaking gourmet cake that truly shines.
wedding-cakes2-29-12042015-kmFeatured Photographer: Tru Identity Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

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wedding-cakes2-27-12042015-kmFeatured Photographer: Perez Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

These wedding cakes are truly striking and some of the best inspiration we’ve seen yet! Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery is killing the cake game, and we’re so glad we could shine a light on their fabulous designs.{"url":"","count":1})