Romantic Floral Chic Napa Valley Wedding


Love is in the air… and so are gorgeous, lush florals! We’re absolutely enamored by the stunning floral designs by Twigss in this amazing Napa Valley wedding. Sylvie Gil always shares the most beautiful Napa Valley weddings with us and this one is one of our favorites. Every detail starting with the bride’s gorgeous ballgown to the handwritten calligraphy seating chart to that enormous floral “chandelier” in the reception captivates us with all its beauty. Take a look and get to pinning your favorites because this gardenesque wedding is definitely an inspiration to us all!

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Photography: Sylvie Gil Photography | Wedding Planner: Bustle Events | Venue: Durham Ranch | Catering: Paula LeDuc Fine Catering | Floral Design: Twigss | Hair & Makeup: Carrie Aldous | Calligraphy: Julie Song | Paper goods / Invitation: Lavender & Mint | Bride’s gown: Austin Scarlett | Bride’s shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaids dresses: Two Birds | Cake: Fox and Fawn{"url":"","count":13})