The Perfect London Wedding At The Dorchester Hotel


Where do we even begin with this fabulous London wedding? When a wedding is this perfect, we come to a halt and are left speechless. Ijay and Tolu tied the knot at the iconic Dorchester Hotel where it was purple lights, glamorous crystals, candles, and florals galore! Every lavish touch was captured by Jacob and Pauline. We’re loving every elegant and luxurious element of this couple’s flawless wedding and we can’t wait for you to discover inspiration through this perfect wedding. Good luck holding back your wedding envy; this one’s a serious treat! Happy pinning!

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Photographer: Jacob and Pauline Photography | Venue: Dorchester Hotel | Florist: NB Flowers | Make up Artist: Brides by Joy | Cake: Sweet Hollywood | Band: Segun Gilbert | Decor: Planned2Perfection Candy tables: Sweet Hollywood | Stationery: Hip Twist{"url":"","count":593})