Groomsmen Duties in Detail

There’s much more to being a groomsman than just simply showing up in a tux. Be sure to take your role as a groomsman seriously—after all, one of your closest friends is trusting you to help him through what can be a very nerve-racking day. Plus, an added bonus is that acting like the thoughtful, responsible guy will impress those single bridesmaids. Read on for a rundown of your essential groomsmen duties.

  1. Attend any engagement party or couples shower that is thrown for the engaged couple.
  2. Assist the best man plan and host the bachelor party.
  3. Pay for your own attire, responsibly arrange for your fitting, and pick up tuxedo from the formalwear shop.
  4. Be prepared to pay for your own travel and lodging expenses.
  5. Purchase a wedding gift for the couple. You can also opt to pitch in with the entire groomsmen party to select one awesome gift.
  6. Periodically check with the groom and best man to see if you can help with any other tasks.
  1. Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for detailed schedules and instructions on your particular duties for the wedding day.
  2. Receive instructions for photos that will be taken at the wedding, and keep note of the photos that will include you.
  3. If you haven’t already, be sure to meet your fellow members of the wedding party.
  1. If all of the groomsmen are set to get dressed at a central location, make sure to arrive on time.
  2. Remember to smile for all of the photos.
  3. Arrive early at the ceremony site and be prepared to greet guests. If there are no ushers for the wedding, escort wedding guests to their seats as they arrive.
  4. Either escort a bridesmaid down the aisle or walk out with the groom, depending on which method the couple has chosen.
  5. Be ready to be introduced at the reception – and soak up the limelight!
  6. Dance with your bridesmaid partner.
  7. Help gather and carry gifts to the car after the wedding reception.
  8. If an extra hand is needed, assist the bride’s family in cleaning up after the reception.

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