Bridal Trends: Wedding Dresses with Alluring Lace and Tulle Details


Wedding dresses with luxury fabrics are definitely the best kind! We’re seeing all kinds of stunning silhouettes and details made of glamorous lace and tulle, featuring the most elegant details yet. It’s a full-on glam fest over here and the enchanting bridal charm just keeps on coming with each wedding dress designer! Get in on these fabulous bridal trends and see what this inspiration is all about.

Photos: Courtesy of Stella York, BHLDN, and Sottero and Midgley

Stella York Wedding Dresses

stella-york-wedding-dresses-1-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-2-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-3-01082016nz We’re blown away by this Stella York masterpiece inspired by the Victorian era! It features an alluring illusion neckline and stuns with a fabulous tulle skirt that drapes over satin. Dramatic jewels are the perfect way to glam up this already fabulous gown!stella-york-wedding-dresses-4-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-5-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-6-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-7-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-8-01082016nz

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stella-york-wedding-dresses-9-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-10-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-11-01082016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-12-01082016nz

BHLDN Wedding Dresses

bhldn-wedding-dress-1-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-2-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-3-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-4-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-5-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-6-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-7-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-8-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-9-01082016nz OK so there’s no tulle or lace involved here, but we couldn’t help but shine a spotlight on this classic French-made wedding dress with a sophisticated neckline. Not only is it totally high-fashion and full of class, it’s perfectly refined with silk fabric for a delicate feminine effect!bhldn-wedding-dress-10-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-11-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-12-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-13-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-14-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-15-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-16-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-18-01082016nz

Sottero and Midgley Wedding Dresses

sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-1-01082016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-2-01082016nz Sottero and Midgley is spot on with the bridal trends this year, bringing fashion-forward designs that include the most elegant and traditional details as well. These gowns are the definition of passionate romance, and the crystals and sophisticated necklines do a great job of making a bride feel confident and glamorous all at once.sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-3-01082016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-4-01082016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-5-01082016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-6-01082016nz

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sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-7-01082016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-8-01082016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-9-01082016nz

We’re seriously impressed with all the luxurious designs and styles that the bridal couture world has to offer. Not only are we seeing the best fabrics, but the jewel tones and crystal details are enough to completely blow us away! There’s always more designer collections to come sweep us off our feet, so we know there’s more where these fabulous dresses came from for the most eye-catching bridal inspiration!{"url":"","count":310})