Bridal Trends: Wedding Dresses with Feminine Silhouettes

Holy beautiful! More glamorous designer wedding dresses are coming our way in this breathtaking inspiration of bridal couture. It’s wedding dress heaven for us bridal-fashion lovers, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store! Get pinning with these magical gowns and see how these sophisticated dresses spark our favorite feminine details!

Photos: Courtesy of BHLDN, Martina Liana, Sottero & Midgley and Anny Lin

BHLDN Wedding Dresses

bhldn-wedding-dress-1-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-2-01082016nz

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bhldn-wedding-dress-3-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-4-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-5-01082016nz We see the most elegantly romantic details with this floral and fabulous gown! The stunning sheer neckline is just the beginning of this dreamy dress, with a classic ball gown to finish. BHLDN wedding dresses are fun and flirty, while also completely sophisticated and drop-dead gorgeous.
bhldn-wedding-dress-6-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-7-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-8-01082016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-9-01082016nz

Martina Liana Wedding Dresses

martina-liana-wedding-dresses-1-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-2-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-3-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-4-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-5-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-6-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-8-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-9-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-10-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-11-01082016nz Refreshing and refined as ever, Martina Liana brings us flit-and-flare goodness with this dreamy satin gown. For a picture-perfect dream wedding, this sweetheart neckline and the sophisticated femininity will certainly make one elegant bride!martina-liana-wedding-dresses-12-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-13-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-14-01082016nz martina-liana-wedding-dresses-15-01082016nz

Sottero Midgley Wedding Dresses

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.53.07 AM

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Sottero-and-Midgley-wedding-dress-1-01082016nz Sottero-and-Midgley-wedding-dress-2-01082016nz Sottero-and-Midgley-wedding-dress-3-01082016nz Bring on the glam squad for this incredibly glamorous modified A-line ball gown! Sottero and Midgley marries vintage and modern perfectly with the corset design and extravagant pearl and crystal details. This masterpiece proves that wedding dresses can be delicate and dramatic all in one!Sottero-and-Midgley-wedding-dress-4-01082016nz Sottero-and-Midgley-wedding-dress-5-01082016nz Sottero-and-Midgley-wedding-dress-6-01082016nz Sottero-and-Midgley-wedding-dress-7-01082016nz

Anny Lin Bridal Wedding Dresses

anny-lin-wedding-dress-1-01082016nz anny-lin-wedding-dress-2-01082016nz anny-lin-wedding-dress-3-01082016nz Anny Lin brings out the best in these wedding dresses with stunning lace accents and sparkling sequins. This artistic gown shines like gold with “butterfly shape layers of Swiss Dotted tulle” and stand out with a unique cut-out back design!anny-lin-wedding-dress-4-01082016nz

anny-lin-wedding-dress-5-01082016nz anny-lin-wedding-dress-6-01082016nz anny-lin-wedding-dress-7-01082016nz anny-lin-wedding-dress-8-01082016nz

We’re feeling way more ready for the day after that powerful collection of designer wedding dresses! From the most fitted and sexy sleek gowns to the most feminine elegant ball gowns, there’s so much to love about all of these bridal gowns that we can’t even pick just one favorite.{"url":"","count":66})