Chic Bridesmaid Dresses with Charming Elegance

We can’t contain our love for these chic bridesmaid dresses that are seriously stunning! With cute accessories and simple, elegant hairstyles, the perfect bridesmaids will be dressed from head to toe in total charm. Have your darling bridesmaids match in the perfect color of your theme for the most breathtaking pictures or get creative with the color scheme. Get excited to be inspired by perfectly chic bridesmaid dresses!

chic-bridesmaid-dresses-4-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Hairpiece: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-5-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Jewelry: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-6-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-7-01132015-kmFeatured Photographer: Nicolai Melicor | Featured Dresses: Patricia Santos via Bride and Breakfastchic-bridesmaid-dresses-8-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Virgil Bunao | Featured Dresses: Amsale via The Wedding Chickschic-bridesmaid-dresses-9-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Laura Gordon Photography via Style Me Pretty

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chic-bridesmaid-dresses-10-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Emily Wren Photography via Style Me Prettychic-bridesmaid-dresses-11-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Jenny Sun Photography via Style Me Prettychic-bridesmaid-dresses-12-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Jordan Maunder Photography | Featured Dresses: Twobirds and BHLDN via The Lovely Findchic-bridesmaid-dresses-13-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Jen Huang via Style Me Prettychic-bridesmaid-dresses-14-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Alison Conklin Photography via Junebug Weddingschic-bridesmaid-dresses-15-01132015-km Featured Photographer: Jose Villa Photography | Featured Dresses: Custom and Rent The Runway via Style Me Prettychic-bridesmaid-dresses-16-01132015-kmPhoto: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-17-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-18-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-20-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Purse: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-21-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDN

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chic-bridesmaid-dresses-22-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-23-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDN
chic-bridesmaid-dresses-25-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-26-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-27-01132015-km Photo: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDNchic-bridesmaid-dresses-28-01132015-kmPhoto: Courtesy of BHLDN | Featured Dress: BHLDN

The cutest accessories and most flattering necklines keep these chic bridesmaid dresses trendy with modern elegant design. Everyone knows how important this day is for the bride, but her gorgeous side chicks deserve to look beautiful and glamorous for the hottest wedding of the season. The bride wants what the bride wants, and who wouldn’t want the most stunning chic bridesmaid dresses for their favorite girls?{"url":"","count":214})