Designer Wedding Dresses with Elegantly Romantic Details

These designer wedding dresses today are all we could ever want and more when it comes to romantic bridal couture! With luxury dress designers like Maggie Sottero, Martina Liana and Stella York, these overly charming wedding dresses are sure to inspire with their glamorous and exquisite details.

Photos: Courtesy of Maggie Sottero, Martina Liana and Stella York

Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses

Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-11-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-10-01052016nz A chiffon sheath gown is just what we needed for romantic bridal elegance! The flattering neckline, ruched bodice and sexy sleeve design all come together for a powerful luxury design that finishes with crystal and pearl embellishment. These Maggie Sottero gowns are subtle and elegant, but have a hint of flashy bridal glamour!Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-9-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-8-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-7-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-6-01052016nz We’re loving this modern spin off of the classic bridal gown! A light, soft illusion for the off-the-shoulder neckline and stunning lace bodice turns into a glamorous but delicate ball gown. The effortless tulle skirt looks beautiful below the crystal-embellished belt. Wedding gowns always look their best with a little Swarovski detailing!Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-5-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-4-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-3-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-2-01052016nz Maggie-Sottero-wedding-dress-1-01052016nz

Martina Liana Wedding Dresses

martina-liana-wedding-dresses-1-01052015nzy This sleek and fitted style is refreshing with it’s classic sophistication and glamorous charm! Featuring an epic stylish jacket, this Martina Liana gown is at the top of our favorite designer wedding dresses list. martina-liana-wedding-dresses-2-01052015nzy martina-liana-wedding-dresses-3-01052015nzy martina-liana-wedding-dresses-4-01052015nzy

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martina-liana-wedding-dresses-5-01052015nzy martina-liana-wedding-dresses-6-01052015nzy martina-liana-wedding-dresses-7-01052015nzy martina-liana-wedding-dresses-8-01052015nzy We couldn’t be more obsessed with this vintage-colored gown with a glamorous hand-beaded bodice! The color tones and patterns in this dress are simply exquisite. The sheer sleeves and dramatic ruffled skirt give off an alluring ball gown look.
martina-liana-wedding-dresses-9-01052015nzy martina-liana-wedding-dresses-10-01052015nzy

Stella York Wedding Dresses

stella-york-wedding-dresses-1-01052016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-2-01052016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-3-01052016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-4-01052016nz Fit-and-flare style paired with a bohemian look is really growing on us! The thin spaghetti straps that create an open back and the flattering neckline are totally chic. This Stella York gown was born to shine and to show off the beautiful bride!stella-york-wedding-dresses-5-01052016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-6-01052016nz

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stella-york-wedding-dresses-7-01052016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-8-01052016nz stella-york-wedding-dresses-9-01052016nz

We’re blown away by these designer gowns and all of their classic charm! With dramatic skirts and glamorous details, we’re feeling really inspired by this chic collection of luxury dresses.{"url":"","count":1896})