Bridal Trend 2016: Modern Wedding Dresses with Creative Flair

Today’s bridal trend showcases modern wedding dresses from top-notch designers with the most creative details! These high-fashion, unique designs are from J Mendel and Vera Wang 2016 collections. Get ready for fresh bridal elegance and stunningly exquisite designs from the hottest modern wedding dresses!

Photos: Courtesy of J Mendel, Vera Wang

J Mendel Wedding Dresses 2016 Collection

J-Mendel-wedding-dress-1-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-2-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-3-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-4-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-5-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-6-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-7-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-8-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-9-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-10-01132016nz This dramatic but elegant gown deserves the spotlight today! It seems so simple, but it’s jam-packed with silky smooth glamour and divine pleated fabric. We’re loving the dramatic plunge neckline for the full high-fashion effect!J-Mendel-wedding-dress-11-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-12-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-13-01132016nz J-Mendel-wedding-dress-14-01132016nz

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses 2016 Collection

We can’t look away from these iconic designs from Vera Wang! This designer always brings the heat when it comes to chic and unique bridal gowns. Check out the artistic brilliance!

vera-wang-wedding-dress-1-01142016nz vera-wang-wedding-dress-2-01142016nz vera-wang-wedding-dress-3-01142016nz vera-wang-wedding-dress-4-01142016nz vera-wang-wedding-dress-5-01142016nz vera-wang-wedding-dress-6-01142016nz

The fashion world is turning up the dial on fresh new designs for the season, and these modern wedding dresses are proof of that hot trend! Creativity and powerful art are the inspiration behind these fabulous gowns, but these modern wedding dresses hold on to classic, elegant designs for any bride to appreciate.{"url":"","count":92})