Perfect Modern Wedding Dresses with Classic Charm

Here are some of the hottest modern wedding dresses of 2016! With fresh style and precise details, these trendy designs are spectacular and ready for the high-fashion bride. Today we are featuring top designers Anny LinSabrina DahanFrancesca Miranda, BHLDN and Sottero and Midgley. Get ready for lavish fabrics and high-quality modern wedding dresses that won’t disappoint!

Photos: Courtesy of Anny Lin, Sabrina Dahan, Francesca Miranda, BHLDN, and Sottero and Midgley

Anny Lin Wedding Dresses

Anny Lin’s collections are inspired by tradition, but utilizes creative design and color for unique and modern wedding dresses that inspire with the most contemporary details. Her couture truly exemplifies originality and creativity, featuring the most elegant bridal flair.

anny-lin-wedding-dresses-1-01052016nz anny-lin-wedding-dresses-2-01052016nz anny-lin-wedding-dresses-3-01052016nz anny-lin-wedding-dresses-4-01052016nz anny-lin-wedding-dresses-5-01052016nz anny-lin-wedding-dresses-6-01052016nz

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anny-lin-wedding-dresses-7-01052016nz anny-lin-wedding-dresses-8-01052016nz anny-lin-wedding-dresses-9-01052016nz

Sabrina Dahan Wedding Dresses

These Sabrina Dahan dresses are soft, light and delicately embroidered with precise attention to detail. A hint of romance shines through these elegant ball gowns in the most feminine way!

Sabrina-Dahan-wedding-dress-1-01052016nz Sabrina-Dahan-wedding-dress-2-01052016nz Sabrina-Dahan-wedding-dress-3-01052016nz

Francesca Miranda Wedding Dresses

We’re loving this Latin-American designer’s display of modern wedding dresses! Focused on artistic design and romantic passion, these elegant silhouettes and patterns bring these couture bridal details to life.

francesca-miranda-wedding-dress-1-01062016nz francesca-miranda-wedding-dress-2-01062016nz francesca-miranda-wedding-dress-3-01062016nz francesca-miranda-wedding-dress-4-01062016nz

BHLDN Wedding Dresses

These feminine wedding gowns are definitely ones to celebrate! BHLDN brings together tulle and lace fabrics to create these unbelievably fabulous wedding dresses. With a modern twist on classic designs, there’s no denying that these designer gowns are ones to keep an eye on!

bhldn-wedding-dress-1-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-2-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-3-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-4-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-5-01062016nz

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bhldn-wedding-dress-6-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-7-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-8-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-9-01062016nz bhldn-wedding-dress-10-01062016nz

Sottero and Midgley Wedding Dresses

These alluring wedding dresses from Sottero and Midgley are the perfect example of high-fashion bridal elegance! From ruffles to fitted lace, brides are sure to stun in this luxury bridal couture.

sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-1-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-2-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-3-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-4-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-5-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-6-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-7-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-8-01062016nz sottero-and-midgley-wedding-dress-9-01062016nz

These stunning modern wedding dresses are more than just beautiful, they’re breathtaking and inspiring for all the brides-to-be that need a little help finding their perfect contemporary gown. They’re classic charm and elegant modernity all make them eligible for some of the most exquisite gowns of the year!{"url":"","count":40})